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Something which has happened to many individuals is to apply for a loan which from one moment to another the particular economic situation they had changed; Whether or not due to an accident or a few other unforeseen event, fulfilling responsibilities becomes difficult.

Given this, since October 2017 in Colombia it is possible to renegotiate consumer loans that are as much as 60 days late, and for casing or vehicles with as much as 90 days of default. This particular measure has been positive for many individuals, do you know why?


Prevent staying late

Avoid staying late

Basically stop paying and do absolutely nothing to fix it, you will be in arrears with the bank and you will are obligated to repay more and more money, due to attention. However , by having the possibility of renegotiating the credit, you can achieve an agreement and continue having to pay monthly without major gaps.


Maintains a good credit rating

Maintains a good credit history

This possibility enables the debtors to revise without having to affect their credit score, since there is no report to the particular credit bureaus, which allows them to preserve a good track record with the banking institutions, which is positive because it enables the future can access main loans such as mortgages or even car loans.


Adjust your finances to your current needs

Adjust your budget to your current needs

The idea is that you can keep on fulfilling your obligations with no suffering from unnecessary stress simply by not knowing where to get the money. Once you renegotiate your credit, a person adjust both the rates as well as the terms, so that they are in compliance with your current reality plus payment possibilities.

You know, if you have a credit score and your situation is difficult, you can go to your financial institution in order to renegotiate it without any issue.

On the contrary, in case you have not applied for a loan, yet are looking for one, remember that it is very important compare the interest rate, and also the conditions of each lender. For the, you can use the Jabberwock totally free investment credit comparator.

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