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Swiss credit over 3500 Euro is usually always sought, if the credit bureau of the borrower for a borrowing within Germany is not sufficient. So if it moves in a negative direction, the banks and savings banks see no possibility for cooperation.

3500 euros without credit bureau – quickly informed

  • 3500 Euro credit bureaufreien credit offers currently only the Eicredit Germans
  • Contact your loan application directly to the bank
  • Check the alternatives in the connected comparison
  • Apply for this – guaranteed without obligation – 3500 Euro from the comparison

Check alternatives – loan with guarantor?

Check alternatives - loan with guarantor?

Although it could be attempted to take credit with the help of a guarantor. However, most credit seekers do not want this because they do not want to involve another person in their concerns.

Finally, the guarantor would be liable for the loan if the actual borrower were unable to service it due to an unfavorable economic situation. A fact that many borrowers do not like and therefore moves them to move abroad.

Why a Swiss loan over 3500 euros?

Why a Swiss loan over 3500 euros?

Most borrowers know that they only receive a small loan abroad. Due to the negative credit bureau, it is too dangerous for the banks to lend large sums of credit.

Of course, the credit bureau is not queried from abroad. Despite all this, the banks, of course, know that the credit bureau is the reason why the credit should be taken there and not within Germany.

Many borrowers also assume that the foreign credit comes from Switzerland. Therefore, this is also commonly referred to as Swiss credit.

In truth, however, very few foreign loans come from Switzerland. Because on the one hand, these can be recorded in every country.

On the other hand, it has also emerged that the Eicredit from the small Principality of Liechtenstein is the best place to go for a foreign loan. A Swiss loan of 3500 euros is therefore no wishful thinking or an empty advertising promise, but quite a reality and feasible.

However, the framework conditions and the conditions for a Swiss loan of more than € 3,500 are narrow.

Who is eligible for a Swiss loan?

Who is eligible for a Swiss loan?

First of all, everyone should be aware that no bank – no matter where this is located – has money to give away. Serious providers never promise something they can not keep up with.

So it is with a Swiss loan over 3500 euros. The following regulations have been established by Eicredit:

A Swiss loan of € 3,500 is only available to those who have a permanent position with a fixed and high income. The self-employed, pensioners, students, the unemployed and housewives have no opportunity to take advantage of the bank’s loan offer.

Also, the loan amount with 3500 euros is fixed. You can also choose from the loans with 5000 Euro and 7500 Euro.

It must be repaid within 40 months. Interest and installment are fixed. Since the Swiss loan over 3500 Euro can be taken up directly at the bank, there are no pre-charges or other fees for a mediator.

How can a Swiss loan over 3500 Euro be used?

How can a Swiss loan over 3500 Euro be used?

Any borrowing should have a fixed purpose so that borrowing does not lead to a debt trap. The bank does not require an indication of a purpose for the loan.

It does not usually dictate that the money will not be passed on to third parties. So it can easily be taken by one person for another person to benefit from it.

However, if this happens, the borrower is always liable for the loan and never the person who has spent the money.

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