South Asian music producer Aasis Beats is rapidly gaining global recognition

The music producer from Nepal is known for producing Nicky Bondz’s popular single “Satellites”, which reached number three worldwide on DRT’s independent charts.

February 14, 2022 – Being born with a musical aspiration can be a blessing if one can analyze the boundaries and achieve true greatness. South Asian popular music producer, Nepal, Aasis Beats brings hope to all aspiring musicians in Asian countries who want to be recognized worldwide.

Starting out by selling beats online, Aasis Beats soon began working with major artists. His most significant rise to fame was the song called “Satellites” by Nicky Bondz, which he is credited with producing. The song reached number 3 worldwide on the DRT Independent charts. Another song “MOVE” by Nicky Bondz ft Bruno Mali Kidd entered the Billboard Hot 200, bringing critical acclaim to the little-known producer.

Aasis Beats has since gone on to produce more global hits such as Fatboy SSE’s “Biggest Heart”, which was featured on WorldStar Hiphop. After that, he went on to work on an album called Seth G’s “Heartstrings” as a product/mix engineer, which was assisted by Grammy-nominated engineer Vlado Meller and multi-platinum producer Mantra. It was during this time that Aasis appeared on MTV and the American Weekly, making him a household name in the United States.

Aasis Beat, which has been making beats for five years now, also has a few unreleased songs with Lil Durk’s OTF Artist Doodie Lo label, which are expected to hit the market soon, in addition to many other songs under globally recognized labels. As a certified global music producer, Aasis now helps up-and-coming artists enjoy its cost-effective services, such as “Mix & Master”.

It also currently offers free sound kits, which contain custom drum kits, piano samples, and mix loops, the most popular being Area 51 (DrumKit), Crescent (Guitar), and Euphoria (Piano Sample Pack).

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About Aasis Beats

Aasis Beats is a music producer from South Asia, Nepal who has carved out a unique niche for themselves and won critical acclaim for their incredible work over the past five years.

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