Southeast Asia’s Top Musical Talents, Led By “F.HERO, VANNDA, SPRITE, 1MILL”, Embark On A Journey With Single “RUN THE TOWN”

BANGKOK, April 26, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — As the Southeast Asian music scene makes waves internationally, the time has come to launch an exciting new musical project featuring South East Asia great musical talents. The project is carried by Thailand hip hop powerhouse “F.HERO” of High cloud entertainment, who has collaborated with a host of highly respected international artists. The palpable hype comes from the tantalizing collaboration that brings together “VANDA”, from Cambodia hip-hop phenomenon, and “LEPRECHAUN”the ultra-talented rapper who made history as the first Thai artist to debut on the Billboard Charts, for their single “MANAGE THE CITY”. The stirring single also includes “1MILL”, an up-and-coming rap group that adds something special to the track with their unique rhythm and cadence. The collaboration between these phenomenal artists is sure to captivate fans and put more Southeast Asian musicians on the map.

Southeast Asia’s Top Musical Talents, Led By “F.HERO, VANNDA, SPRITE, 1MILL”, Embark On A Journey With Single “RUN THE TOWN”

“MANAGE THE CITY” is a vibrant and exciting track that is guaranteed to excite fans of Thai and Cambodian music. The collaborative effort composes music and lyrics that encapsulate the unique identity of Southeast Asia through the use of traditional musical instruments. Pride is felt through beautiful melodies played on traditional instruments. Its resonance bridges the gap between tradition and modernity, laying the groundwork for flow and rhyme that breaks down the language barrier and builds camaraderie. F.HERO has a master plan to not only act as an intermediary between artists, but to make the single a proud representation of ASEAN culture and give the single the global exposure it needs.

The piece testifies to the warm and fruitful collaboration between two neighboring countries. Producers Ninoof Thailandwith his Cambodian counterparts Songha, Daniel Chea, and VanThan were passionate and eager to share each other’s musical heritage and traditions. AUTA and OG BOBBY worked together to formulate the dynamic lyrics, elevating the songwriting and cementing the excellence and raw talent of Southeast Asian artists.

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Lyle L. Maltby